How Gaskets are Used in the Aviation Industry?

There are a myriad of components and parts that are typically used in the aviation industry that are needed for the optimal functionality of aircraft. As the aviation industry is responsible for transporting millions of passengers from destination to destination each year, superior quality aircraft components are paramount. Aircraft are uniquely engineered to prioritize passenger safety and their parts are crafted to meet certain industry standards and operations.

Gaskets are components that are required in many different sections of the aircraft, finding use in the wing, window, engine, and other various internal aircraft structures. Specifically designed to withstand varying temperature extremes, high speeds, and fluid exposure, you can find gaskets in cars, motorbikes, and boats. Beyond enabling a variety of vehicles to run smoothly, they help prevent dust, dirt, and other such contaminants from hindering the performance of an engine while also maintaining the engine’s peak performance.

Similar to other aircraft components, gaskets are also susceptible to a number of issues. You can detect a problem by checking that the coolant is not leaking, looking at the oil for discoloration, verifying that the engine is not overheating, observing the color of the exhaust fumes, searching for bubbles in the overflow compartment and radiator, and confirming that the cylinders have not misfired. If you are not able to discern the problem, your aircraft should be inspected by a certified mechanic.

Beyond gaskets eventually necessitating repair or replacement, they also come in many different shapes and sizes depending on the engine manufacturer’s requirements and specifications. While most gaskets are designed to seal parts constructed to a high standard, some distinguish themselves from others in the high finishing grade on the surface, and the precision with which they prevent leaks from occurring. The latter factors are determined by the materials used, some of which include metal and sheet material, rubber, and asbestos.

Metal and Sheet Material Gaskets

Gaskets of this variety are widely used and consist of either a punching out or milling process. In order to prevent damage and enable greater sealing properties, the material is typically softer than the flange. With metal gaskets specifically, they are designed with a metallic outer shell and either a metallic or nonmetallic compressed fiber filler.

The filler provides the gasket more durability, while the metal shell protects the filler and withstands varying pressures, temperatures, and corrosion. Sheet material gaskets are usually cost-effective and flexible, allowing them to be implemented in a diverse set of applications.

Rubber Gaskets

As rubber is an incredibly versatile material, they often find use for engineering purposes, including the construction of bridges, aviation, car production, and even household appliances. Additionally, they provide leak-proof qualities that make them ideal for countless assemblies. Some of the most common rubber gaskets include neoprene, silicone, and EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer), each with different resistances, flexibility, and properties.

Asbestos Gaskets

The last type is popularly used across different industry verticals and is generally the material of choice for gaskets. Today, most gasket manufacturers opt for non-asbestos versions, pointing to the health risks and unprecedented dangers associated with such a material. Additionally, a drawback of asbestos is the fact that they necessitate replacement over time. With this in mind, sourcing gaskets and their related components of the highest caliber is of the utmost importance.

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January 10, 2024

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