Aircraft Engine Preheat Systems Parts List

Frequently used in cold weather regions, pre-heating systems are designed to keep an aircraft’s engine or engines warm during periods of inactivity. As their name implies, they are used only in periods before flight, not during. 

The reason for why pre-heating is so important is because of the design of the engine. To save on weight, most aircraft piston engines use aluminum in their construction. Some parts that do not require as much strength, such as the crankcase, pistons, and cylinder heads are made from aluminum, while others that require more resilience, such as cylinder barrels, connection rods, and crankshaft, are made from steel.

Different metals, however, have different rates of expansion and contraction as they heat and cool. Aluminum contracts almost twice as much as steel in cold temperatures and will expand twice as much when heated. Because of this, the component clearances between parts made of steel and parts made of aluminum  shrink to the point that friction between moving parts can cause damage to the engine.

Pre-heating systems come in several different forms. The first is a forced-air preheater, which runs a gas, diesel, or propane engine to warm air and then pump it via tubes into the aircraft’s manifold. However, these pre-heaters do not distribute air evenly, so some parts of the engine can be warmed, while others are untouched.

Some aircraft engines will have an electric heating system installed on them. By attaching electrical heating elements to the cylinders, oil pan, and crank case of the engine, the system can simply be plugged into an outlet and given time to run.

Lastly, time in a heated hangar overnight can accomplish the same outcome as the first two options, with the added benefit of heating the entire aircraft as well. However, space in these heated hangars is often at a premium.

At Aerospace Aces, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we sell aircraft pre-heating systems and parts from some of the top manufacturers around the world. Some of these manufacturers include Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, and Lycoming.

Part NoManufacturerDescriptionRFQ
TSTRR250-3068-230Rolls Royce (Allison)Turbine Engine Preheat Kit - 230VRFQ
TSTRR250-3068-115Rolls Royce (Allison)Turbine Engine Preheat Kit - 115VRFQ
TSTPWJT15-2131-230Pratt & WhitneyTurbine Engine Preheat Kit - 230 VoltRFQ
TSTPWJT15-2131-115Pratt & WhitneyTurbine Engine Preheat Kit - 115VRFQ
TSTPW545-2556-230Pratt & WhitneyTurbine Preheat System - 230VRFQ
TSTPW545-2556-115Pratt & WhitneyTurbine Preheat System - 115VRFQ
TSTPW100-2825-230Pratt & WhitneyTurbine Preheat System - 230VRFQ
TSTPW100-2825-115Pratt & WhitneyTurbine Preheat System - 115VRFQ
TSTPW100-2209-230Pratt & WhitneyEngine Preheat Kit - 230VRFQ
TSTPW100-2209-115Pratt & WhitneyEngine Preheat Kit - 115VRFQ
TSTPT6A-3058-230Pratt & WhitneyPT6A (Large) Engine Preheat Kit -230VRFQ
TSTPT6A-3058-115Pratt & WhitneyPT6A (Large) Engine Preheat Kit -115VRFQ
TSTPT6A-3057-230Pratt & WhitneyPT6A (Small/Med) Engine Preheat kit -230VRFQ
TSTPT6A-3057-115Pratt & WhitneyPT6A (Small/Med) Engine Preheat kit - 115VRFQ
TSTPE331-1050-230Honeywell (Garrett)Turbine Engine Preheat Kit - 230VRFQ
TSTPE331-1050-115Honeywell (Garrett)Turbine Engine Preheat Kit - 115VRFQ
TSTFE731-3200-230Honeywell (Garrett)Fixed Wing Preheat System - 115VRFQ
TSTFE731-3200-115Honeywell (Garrett)Fixed Wing Preheat System - 115VRFQ
TSP9CYL-2904-230Pratt & WhitneyEngine Preheat System - P&W 9 cylinder engines - 230 VoltRFQ
TSP9CYL-2904-115Pratt & WhitneyEngine Preheat System - P&W 9 cylinder engines - 115 VoltRFQ
TSP8CYL-1045-230LycomingEngine Preheat Kit - 8 Cyl; IO-720 - 230VRFQ
TSP8CYL-1045-115LycomingEngine Preheat Kit - 8 Cyl; IO-720 - 115VRFQ
TSP7CYL-3002-230JacobsEngine Preheat Kit - Jacobs R-755 - 230VRFQ
TSP7CYL-3002-115JacobsEngine Preheat Kit - Jacobs R-755 - 115VRFQ
TSP6CYL-2927-230ContinentalEngine Preheat Kit - 6 Cyl; Continental - 230VRFQ
TSP6CYL-2927-230LycomingEngine Preheat Kit - 6 Cyl; Lycoming - 230VRFQ
TSP6CYL-2927-230FranklinEngine Preheat Kit - 6 Cyl; Franklin (STC)- 230VRFQ
TSP6CYL-2927-115ContinentalEngine Preheat Kit - 6 Cyl; Continental - 115VRFQ
TSP6CYL-2927-115LycomingEngine Preheat Kit - 6 Cyl; Lycoming - 115VRFQ
TSP6CYL-2927-115FranklinEngine Preheat Kit - 6 Cyl; Franklin (STC) - 115VRFQ
TSP4CYL-3001-230AustroEngine Preheat Kit - Austro AE300 (STC) - 230VRFQ
TSP4CYL-3001-115AustroEngine Preheat Kit - Austro AE300 (STC) - 115VRFQ
TSP4CYL-2925-230ContinentalEngine Preheat Kit - 4 Cyl; Continental - 230VRFQ
TSP4CYL-2925-230LycomingEngine Preheat Kit - 4 Cyl; Lycoming (STC) - 230VRFQ
TSP4CYL-2925-115ContinentalEngine Preheat Kit - 4 Cyl; Continental - 115VRFQ
TSP4CYL-2925-115LycomingEngine Preheat Kit - 4 Cyl; Lycoming (STC) - 115VRFQ
TSP4CYL-2579-230RotaxEngine Preheat Kit - 4 Cyl; Rotax 912/914 - 230VRFQ
TSP4CYL-2579-115RotaxEngine Preheat Kit - 4 Cyl; Rotax 912/914 - 115VRFQ
TSP4CYL-2513-230JabiruEngine Preheat Kit - Jabiru 2200 - 230VRFQ
TSP4CYL-2513-115JabiruEngine Preheat Kit - Jabiru 2200 - 115VRFQ
TSP1051-230Any Radial (Oil Tank)Oil Tank Preheater - 230VRFQ
TSP1051-115Any Radial (Oil Tank)Oil Tank Preheater - 115VRFQ
TSHS269-2508-771-DT-LycomingHeli-Preheat System - Sikorsky 269/301RFQ
TSHS269-2508-771-DT-LycomingHeli-Preheat System - Sikorsky 269/301RFQ
TSHR66-3078-230Rolls Royce (Allison)Heli-Preheat Kit - R66 - 230VRFQ
TSHR66-3078-115Rolls Royce (Allison)Heli-Preheat Kit - R66 - 115VRFQ
TSHR44-2778-230LycomingHeli-Preheat Kit - R44 - 230VRFQ
TSHR44-2778-115LycomingHeli-Preheat Kit - R44 - 115VRFQ
TSHEN480-2504-230Rolls Royce (Allison)Heli-Preheat Kit - Enstrom 480 - 230VRFQ
TSHEN480-2504-115Rolls Royce (Allison)Heli-Preheat System - Enstrom 480 - 115VRFQ
TSHEN280-2780-230LycomingHeli-Preheat Kit - F-28/280 - 230VRFQ
TSHEN280-2780-115LycomingHeli-Preheat Kit - F-28/280 - 115VRFQ
TSHEC145-2143-230TurbomecaHeli-Preheat System - H145 (BK117/EC145), Turbomeca - 230VRFQ
TSHEC135-2765-230TurbomecaHeli-Preheat Kit - H135, (EC135 T1/T2/T3) - 230VRFQ
TSHEC135-2765-115TurbomecaHeli-Preheat System - H135 (EC135 T1/T2/T3) - 115VRFQ
TSHB407-3083-230Honeywell (Garrett)Heli-Preheat Kit - Bell 407- STC - 230VRFQ
TSHB407-3083-230Rolls Royce (Allison)Heli-Preheat Kit - Bell 407- STC - 230VRFQ
TSHB407-3083-115Honeywell (Garrett)Heli-Preheat Kit - Bell 407- STC - 115VRFQ
TSHB407-3083-115Rolls Royce (Allison)Heli-Preheat Kit - Bell 407- STC - 115VRFQ
TSHB214ST-2602-230GEHeli-Preheat Kit - Bell 214ST - 230VRFQ
TSHB214ST-2602-115GEHeli-Preheat Kit - Bell 214ST - 115VRFQ
TSHB206-2365-230Rolls Royce (Allison)Heli-Preheat Kit - Bell 206 - 230VRFQ
TSHB206-2365-115Rolls Royce (Allison)Heli-Preheat Kit - Bell 206 - 115VRFQ
TSHAW119-2862-230Pratt & WhitneySTC Heli-Preheat Kit - AW119 - 230VRFQ
TSHAW119-2862-115Pratt & WhitneySTC Heli-Preheat Kit - AW119 - 115VRFQ
TSFQ400-2955-230Pratt & WhitneyFixed Wing Preheat System - 230VRFQ
TSFQ400-2955-115Pratt & WhitneyFixed Wing Preheat System - 115VRFQ
TSFPC12E-3084-230Pratt & WhitneyFixed Wing Preheat Kit -230VRFQ
TSFPC12E-3084-115Pratt & WhitneyFixed Wing Preheat Kit -115VRFQ
TSFPC12-3080-230Pratt & WhitneyFixed Wing Preheat Kit - 230VRFQ
TSFPC12-3080-115Pratt & WhitneyFixed Wing Preheat Kit - 115VRFQ
TSFKODIAK-3123-230Pratt & WhitneyFixed Wing Preheat Kit Quest Kodiak 100 - 230VRFQ
TSFKODIAK-3123-115Pratt & WhitneyFixed Wing Preheat Kit Quest Kodiak 100 - 115VRFQ
TSFGA8-3120-230LycomingFixed Wing Preheat Kit GA8 Series - 230VRFQ
TSFGA8-3120-115LycomingFixed Wing Preheat Kit GA8 Series - 115VRFQ
TSFDHC6-2972-230Pratt & WhitneyFixed Wing Preheat Kit - 230 VoltRFQ
TSFDHC6-2972-115Pratt & WhitneyFixed Wing Preheat Kit - 115 VoltRFQ
TSFC208B-3049-230Pratt & WhitneyFixed Wing Preheat Kit w/Battery Heat - 230 VoltRFQ
TSFC208B-3049-115Pratt & WhitneyFixed Wing Preheat Kit w/Battery Heat - 115 VoltRFQ
TSAPU-3090-230Honeywell (Garrett)APU Preheat Kit - 230VRFQ
TSAPU-3090-115Honeywell (Garrett)APU Preheat Kit - 115VRFQ
TS02884-230ContinentalModification kit for Cessna Skycatcher - 230VRFQ
TS02884-115ContinentalModification kit for Cessna Skycatcher - 115VRFQ
TS02874-230TurbomecaHeli-Preheat System - EC155 - 230VRFQ
TS02874-115TurbomecaHeli-Preheat System - H155 - 115VRFQ
TAS300-21-DT-230Pratt & WhitneyEngine Preheat System - 230VRFQ
TAS300-21-DT-115Pratt & WhitneyEngine Preheat System - 115VRFQ
TAS100-31-107-DTJabiruEngine Preheat Kit - Jabiru 3300 -115VRFQ
TAS100-01-R22-771-DTLycomingHeli-Preheat Kit - R22 - 230VRFQ
TAS100-01-R22-771-DTLycomingHeli-Preheat Kit - R22 - 115VRFQ
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