Aircraft Turbine Tool Parts List

Machinery as complicated as aircraft require a wide variety of tools, both general and specialized.

Aircraft Maintenance Stands

Aircraft maintenance stands or platforms are essential for reaching parts of an aircraft that are impossible to access otherwise. While they may be little more than wheeled platforms with a set of stairs leading up to the top, they are universally useful for providing a stable platform from which to work.

Torque Wrench

Tightening screws on an aircraft is different from tightening screws on a car, because they must be set to a specific tightness, or torque. Torque wrenches are used to set all nuts and bolts to a standard scale, because they are specially designed to let the user know when the required torque has been reached.

Speed Handle

A speed handle is a specialized screwdriver with a bend in its shaft that allows the user to quickly and easily loosen the screws for a panel in one hand, while using their other hand for support.

Rivet Guns

A rivet gun, or pneumatic hammer, is designed to drive rivets, which are primarily used in attaching surface panels to the aircraft’s fuselage. Rivet guns use repeated impacts from the gun’s head to flatten the rivet down against the bucking bar on the other side, resulting in a squashed rivet and a fastened surface panel.


Smaller metallic parts and tools can cause damage and mechanical failure if they get into an engine or other moving parts. Therefore, long magnets are often used to recover small items from areas that have limited accessibility.

Socket Sets

Sets of socket heads of various sizes and their connecting wrenches. Socket sets can be found in every mechanic’s shop thanks to their varied applicability and ease of use.

At Aerospace Aces, we sell tools from some of the top manufacturers around the world, including Garrett Tooling, Honeywell Tooling, and Pratt & Whitney.

Part NoManufacturerDescriptionConditionRFQ
98261Garrett ToolingGarrett ToolingNEWRFQ
87916Garrett ToolingGarrett ToolingNEWRFQ
83320Garrett ToolingGarrett ToolingNEWRFQ
83317Garrett ToolingGarrett ToolingNEWRFQ
83316Garrett ToolingGarrett ToolingNEWRFQ
83209Garrett ToolingGarrett ToolingNEWRFQ
29357Garrett ToolingGarrett ToolsNEWRFQ
29307Garrett ToolingGarrett ToolsNEWRFQ
28398Honeywell ToolingHoneywell ToolNEWRFQ
216743Airbus ToolingAdapterNEWRFQ
216742Airbus ToolingWrenchNEWRFQ
216739Airbus ToolingGageNEWRFQ
216724Airbus ToolingCapNEWRFQ
216723Airbus ToolingSplineNEWRFQ
216722Airbus ToolingAdapterNEWRFQ
216721Airbus ToolingAdapterNEWRFQ
216720Airbus ToolingAdapterNEWRFQ
216719Airbus ToolingAdapterNEWRFQ
216718Airbus ToolingAdapterNEWRFQ
216692Airbus ToolingPressure Test PlatesNEWRFQ
216676Airbus ToolingWash FixtureNEWRFQ
216565Airbus ToolingSpline DriverNEWRFQ
216564Airbus ToolingAssembly FixtureNEWRFQ
216563Airbus ToolingRestraining FixtureNEWRFQ
216562Airbus ToolingTorque FixtureNEWRFQ
216561Airbus ToolingTest FixtureNEWRFQ
216560Airbus ToolingFilter PlugNEWRFQ
216559Airbus ToolingTorque FixtureNEWRFQ
216557Airbus ToolingLocking FixtureNEWRFQ
216556Airbus ToolingInstallation ToolNEWRFQ
216555Airbus ToolingBearing Installation FixtureNEWRFQ
21024Garrett ToolingGarrett ToolNEWRFQ
21023Garrett ToolingGarrett ToolNEWRFQ
21021Garrett ToolingGarrett ToolNEWRFQ
21020Garrett ToolingGarrett ToolNEWRFQ
204182Honeywell ToolingHoneywell ToolNEWRFQ
202553Honeywell ToolingHoneywell ToolNEWRFQ
202553Garrett ToolingGarrett ToolNEWRFQ
202512Honeywell ToolingHoneywell ToolNEWRFQ
202512Garrett ToolingGarrett ToolNEWRFQ
202506Honeywell ToolingHoneywell ToolNEWRFQ
202506Garrett ToolingGarrett ToolNEWRFQ
202497Honeywell ToolingHoneywell ToolNEWRFQ
202497Garrett ToolingGarrett ToolNEWRFQ
202494Honeywell ToolingHoneywell ToolNEWRFQ
202494Garrett ToolingGarrett ToolNEWRFQ
202483Honeywell ToolingHoneywell ToolNEWRFQ
202483Garrett ToolingGarrett ToolNEWRFQ
202480Honeywell ToolingHoneywell ToolNEWRFQ
202480Garrett ToolingGarrett ToolNEWRFQ
202473Honeywell ToolingHoneywell ToolNEWRFQ
202473Garrett ToolingGarrett ToolNEWRFQ
202470Honeywell ToolingHoneywell ToolNEWRFQ
202470Garrett ToolingGarrett ToolNEWRFQ
202461Honeywell ToolingHoneywell ToolNEWRFQ
202461Garrett ToolingGarrett ToolNEWRFQ
202459Honeywell ToolingHoneywell ToolNEWRFQ
202459Garrett ToolingGarrett ToolNEWRFQ
202458Honeywell ToolingHoneywell ToolNEWRFQ
202458Garrett ToolingGarrett ToolNEWRFQ
202457Honeywell ToolingHoneywell ToolNEWRFQ
202457Garrett ToolingGarrett ToolNEWRFQ
200416Honeywell ToolingHoneywell ToolNEWRFQ
200415Honeywell ToolingHoneywell ToolNEWRFQ
200414Honeywell ToolingHoneywell ToolNEWRFQ
181745Pratt & WhitneyAirfoil Gage MstrNARFQ
1650Pratt & WhitneyBoxNARFQ
1610Pratt & WhitneyPelican CaseNARFQ
1600Pratt & WhitneyPelican BoxNARFQ
1550Pratt & WhitneyPelican BoxNARFQ
1520Pratt & WhitneyPelican BoxNARFQ
1500Pratt & WhitneyPelican BoxNARFQ
14914Airbus ToolingWrench, KeyNEWRFQ
14913Airbus ToolingWrench, Spanner / KeyNEWRFQ
14864Airbus ToolingBulletNEWRFQ
14863Airbus ToolingBulletNEWRFQ
14862Airbus ToolingSpacerNEWRFQ
1450Pratt & WhitneyPelican BoxNARFQ
1401Pratt & Whitney3 Pc Replacement FoamNARFQ
1400Pratt & WhitneyPelican BoxNARFQ
137284Airbus ToolingPress & Lock FixtureNEWRFQ
137281Airbus ToolingPress & Lock FixtureNEWRFQ
137279Airbus ToolingAir Flow Test AdapterNEWRFQ
1300Pratt & WhitneyPelican BoxNARFQ
1200Pratt & WhitneyPelican BoxNARFQ
1150Pratt & WhitneyBoxNARFQ
1120Pratt & WhitneyPelican BoxNARFQ
108608Pratt & WhitneyArmada E500 P3 500 6Gb 64MbNARFQ
108476Pratt & WhitneyWl400 11Mbps Hrdwre Access Pt.NARFQ
108314Pratt & Whitney64Mb 100Mhz SdramNARFQ
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