The exhaust system is a standard part of combustion engines, allowing for spent gasses to  be expelled from the aircraft for the means of safety. Alongside preventing hazards such as carbon monoxide poisoning and the outbreak of fires, the expulsion of exhaust gas also has the potential benefit of increasing engine performance. In this blog, we will discuss the functionality of the aircraft exhaust system, allowing you to better understand the benefits that they bring to the engine.

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Corrosion and oxidation of metals into rust can result in the complete destruction of aircraft parts. Rust and corrosion inside of an aircraft’s engine can means disaster for the longevity and life of an aircraft. A key perpetrator for the corrosion of engines is the accumulation of water. Water is an essential reactant in the chemical reaction for the oxidation of metals into rust. It was falsely believed that water enters the engine, and thus furthering the corrosion of an engine, as a result of using the engine preheaters. Corrosion and rusting are created through a series of chemical reactions that aircraft engines are especially prone to.

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