Bearings are devices used to enable rotational and/or linear movement, support weight loads, and reduce friction in mechanical applications. The simple explanation for why bearings work is that rolling physical components generate less friction than physical components that slide, because they have a smaller contact area between the two components. This design makes bearings faster, use less power, and last longer because they suffer less wear and tear. There are numerous types of bearings for just as many purposes, with the broad categories being plain, rolling-element bearings, jewel bearings, magnetic bearings, fluid bearings, and flexure bearings.

Aerospace Aces, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, supplies bearings and parts from top manufacturers. Some of the manufacturers that produce high-quality bearings include Aurora, McGill, Accurate Bushing Company, Timken, and RBC.

Aerospace Bearings

Aerospace bearings are utilized on all types of equipment in the aerospace industry, including aircraft, spacecraft, and UAVs. Bearings used in any type of aerospace machinery must meet strict standards for material and quality control due to the harsh environments that they operate in. There are material standards, testing requirements, and required traceability on all parts. Bearings are used in landing gear struts, engines, aircraft interiors, and numerous other purposes.

Some of the most common bearings used in the industry include roller bearings, roller thrust bearings, ball bearings, ball thrust bearings, screw bearings, and actuator bearings. Although there are shared characteristics in the use of bearings in all applications, there are also unique uses for different vehicles.

  • Fixed-wing Aircraft

            Bearings are used in aircraft control systems such as trim tabs, elevators, ailerons, and flaps. They are also used in engines, landing gear, and doors. Specific bearings used for these applications include spherical plain bearings, ball bearings, airframe control bearings, actuator bearings, and engine bearings.

  • Rotary-wing Aircraft

             Bearings are used in the main rotor, tail rotor, landing gear, and engines. Specific bearings for these applications are the main rotor and main rotor pitch link bearings, tail rotor and tail rotor pitch link bearings, engine gearbox and transmission bearings, and main rotor swashplate slider bearings.

Marine Bearings

There are numerous types of marine vessels, including fishing ships, commercial shipping, military ships, and civilian recreational vessels. Every one of them includes bearings of some type in their construction, such as top and bottom end bearings, thrust pad bearings, and pedestal bearings. One of many requirements for bearings in marine applications is anti-corrosion properties due to the constant presence of saltwater. Three common types of construction used in marine bearings are lead bronze bearings, bi-metal bearings, and tri-metal bearings.

Automotive Bearings

Some of the automotive systems that use bearings include the wheels, water pumps, and transmissions. Common bearings used in these applications include wheel bearings, roller bearings, gearbox bearings, and suspension bearings.

At Aerospace Aces, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we sell bearings and parts from some of the top manufacturers around the world, including Eurocopter, Airbus, Textron, and Eaton Aerospace.

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wrench blade lever bearingwrench bearing sealwrench bearing retawrench bearing ret n
wrench bearing remowrench bearing racewrench bearing prelwrench bearing oute
wrench bearing outwrench bearing oilwrench bearing nutwrench bearing lug
wrench bearing locknut gas prwrench bearing lockwrench bearing linewrench bearing inte
wrench bearing innewrench bearing hubwrench bearing houswrench bearing carr
wrench bearing canwrench bearingwrench ballbearingworm thrust bearing
worm shaft bearing assyworm shaft bearingworm bearingworm and bearing as
wire ring bearingwire bearing platewiper bearingwinged bearing kit
wick bearingwheel light alloy no bearingwheel bearing packerwheel bearing mlg
wheel bearing conewheel bearingwheel and bearing awedge bearing pulle
wear strip bearingwear checking to t g b bearingwasherbearingwasher thrust bearing
washer ss bearing gear mainwasher rotation bearingwasher pin bearingwasher main bearing
washer lock bearingwasher key bearing retainingwasher key bearingwasher half bearing
washer drive end bearingwasher bearingretainingwasher bearing spwasher bearing small
washer bearing retnrwasher bearing retainerwasher bearing retawasher bearing remo
washer bearing oilwasher bearing motowasher bearing mor handlewasher bearing lower side brace
washer bearing lowewasher bearing lockwasher bearing ejecwasher bearing and captivating
washer bearing aligwasher bearingvolute housing sleeve bearingvalve plate bearing and pins sa
valve plate and bearingvalve and bearing bleedupper rod end elastomeric bearingupper mlg bearing
upper housing bearingupper door external bearingupper bearing shock strut assupper bearing mount
upper bearing capsupper bearing bracket assyupper bearing assyupper bearing assembly shock
upper bearing assemblyupper bearinguniversal bearing su c selector bearing assembly
turrett bearingturbine bearing housingtuflite bearingtube with bearing a
tube vent 1 bearingtube transfer seal bearingtube spray air bearing 4tube seal air bearing 4
tube seal 1 bearing reartube seal 1 bearing frttube scavenge bearing 4tube scavenge bearing 3
tube scavenge 4 bearingtube scavange bearing 3tube rear bearing draintube rear bearing
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