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CAGE Codes:

1STD7                 077L2                  0BYW8                0RYD1  

5T400                  60187                  72914                  89513                 

ER839                  60187                  0978G                1S0M2

1S0M5                4VUX7                 63389                  6K5M2

Operating Segments: Aerospace, Defense, Aircraft Engines, Avionics

HQ: Phoenix, Arizona

About Honeywell Aerospace

Honeywell Aerospace is a manufacturer of aircraft engines and avionics, as well as auxiliary power united and other aviation products. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Honeywell Aerospace is a division of Honeywell International. The aerospace division generates roughly $10 billion in annual revenue from a mix of commercial and defense contracts.

The company was founded in 1936 and experienced a boom during World War II when it equipped bomber planes with avionics and pioneered the auto-pilot. Following the war, Honeywell’s focus transitioned to peacetime applications. Today, the company produces space equipment, turbine engines, auxiliary power units, brakes, wheels, synthetic vision, runway safety systems, and other avionics equipment.

Products, Services, and Platforms

Turbine Engine: Honeywell designs and produces a variety of turbine engines for use in ground-based military vehicles, aircraft, helicopters, and consumer applications.

Avionics: Honeywell designs multiple avionics systems, most notably the Primus Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) glass cockpit, which are installed in many aircraft ranging from single-engine turboprops to large regional jets.

AOG Solutions: Honeywell offers many solutions to respond to aircraft on ground situations. Their dedicated support service teams are available at all times to assess the situation, gather details, identify a solution, and ship parts to your location.


Honeywell Aerospace subsidiaries/partners include Honeywell Aerospace GmbH, Honeywell Automation India Limited, Honeywell UK Limited, Honeywell Japan Inc., Maxon Corporation, Norcross Safety Products L.L.C., UOP LLC, Sperian Protection Europe SAS, Life Safety Distribution AG, Honeywell Korea LTD, Honeywell Control Systems Limited, and more.


Honeywell Aerospace’s primary competitors include but are not limited to United Technologies, Thales, Garmin, GE, Zodiac Aerospace, Universal Avionics, and Siemens.

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1CPSA2NAsensor miscAvlRFQ
1CPSA2ANAsensor miscAvlRFQ
1LS-J550SNAswitch limitAvlRFQ
24CX12NAswitch limitAvlRFQ
26CX14NAswitch limitAvlRFQ
2C206NAswitch accessoriesAvlRFQ
8LS1-4PGNAswitch limitAvlRFQ
914CE2-6NAswitch limitAvlRFQ
914CE2-9NAswitch limitAvlRFQ
914CE27-QNAswitch limitAvlRFQ
9810406NAsensor miscAvlRFQ
9810413NAsensor miscAvlRFQ
9811002NAsensor miscAvlRFQ
9811005NAsensor miscAvlRFQ
9812102NAsensor miscAvlRFQ
9812202NAsensor miscAvlRFQ
9812205NAsensor miscAvlRFQ
AML51-C10GNAswitch accessoriesAvlRFQ
AML51-F10KNAswitch accessoriesAvlRFQ
AML51-F10RNAswitch accessoriesAvlRFQ
AML51-F10WNAswitch accessoriesAvlRFQ
AML51-F11YNAswitch accessoriesAvlRFQ
AML51-H10GNAswitch accessoriesAvlRFQ
AML52-C10ANAswitch accessoriesAvlRFQ
AML52-C10RNAswitch accessoriesAvlRFQ
AML52-N10GNAswitch accessoriesAvlRFQ
AML52-N10YNAswitch accessoriesAvlRFQ
AML56-N10RGNAswitch accessoriesAvlRFQ
APMS-10GRCF-KITNAsensor miscAvlRFQ
BZE6-2RN34NAswitch limitAvlRFQ
BZE6-RNX1NAswitch limitAvlRFQ
BZE7-2RQN8-CNAswitch limitAvlRFQ
BZE7S-2RN-PGNAswitch limitAvlRFQ
CLSC6B-1NAswitch limitAvlRFQ
CLSXB4BNAswitch limitAvlRFQ
COM6347-2B3110-00-453-1884ring bearing specAvlRFQ
CSDA1DANAsensor miscAvlRFQ
CSDC1DANAsensor miscAvlRFQ
CSLA2DGINAsensor miscAvlRFQ
CSLA2DHNAsensor miscAvlRFQ
CSLA2ENNAsensor miscAvlRFQ
CSLA2GENAsensor miscAvlRFQ
CSNE151-100NAsensor miscAvlRFQ
CSNL281-007NAsensor miscAvlRFQ
CSNP661-002NAsensor miscAvlRFQ
DDS5025NAmisc productsAvlRFQ
DTE6-2RNNAswitch limitAvlRFQ
F38000204NAsensor miscAvlRFQ
F56102101NAsensor miscAvlRFQ
F56203110NAsensor miscAvlRFQ
F58000104NAsensor miscAvlRFQ
F58000109NAsensor miscAvlRFQ
F58000110NAsensor miscAvlRFQ
F58000131NAsensor miscAvlRFQ
F58000133NAsensor miscAvlRFQ
F58000136NAsensor miscAvlRFQ
F58000202NAsensor miscAvlRFQ
GLAA01BNAswitch limitAvlRFQ
GLAA20A4JNAswitch limitAvlRFQ
GLAD01A1ANAswitch limitAvlRFQ
GLDA01A2ANAswitch limitAvlRFQ
LSP1ENAswitch limitAvlRFQ
LSP6BNAswitch limitAvlRFQ
LSP7LNAswitch limitAvlRFQ
LSP7L3NAswitch limitAvlRFQ
LSXA3K5-1ANAswitch limitAvlRFQ
LSXJ3K-7ANAswitch limitAvlRFQ
LSXYMB4NNAswitch limitAvlRFQ
LSYAB1E4-2BNAswitch limitAvlRFQ
LSYAC2BNAswitch limitAvlRFQ
LSYAC7LR-FPNAswitch limitAvlRFQ
LSYFB3K4NAswitch limitAvlRFQ
LSYFC3KQ-FPNAswitch limitAvlRFQ
LSYJB2B-7MNAswitch limitAvlRFQ
LSYKC1A-8CNAswitch limitAvlRFQ
LSYMB4N-2KNAswitch limitAvlRFQ
LSYMB4NX-FPNAswitch limitAvlRFQ
MPB25NAcable assembliesAvlRFQ
RPN1A112NAsensor miscAvlRFQ
SDS-C2MHP-F-GNAsensor miscAvlRFQ
SL1-EEXG2NAswitch limitAvlRFQ
SL1-KNAswitch limitAvlRFQ
SZR-MY2-N1-DC12VNAgeneral purpose relaysAvlRFQ
SZR-MY4-1-AC220VNAgeneral purpose industrial relaysAvlRFQ
SZR-MY4-1P-DC24VNAgeneral purpose industrial relaysAvlRFQ
SZRMY4N1AC110120VNAgeneral purpose industrial relaysAvlRFQ
SZX-SLB-08PNAgeneral purpose relaysAvlRFQ
VX10-A1NAsensor miscAvlRFQ
VX80-A1NAsensor miscAvlRFQ
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