How do Circuit Breakers Work?

In our modern society, electricity has become nothing less than a necessity for both the functionality of our businesses and our homes. Nevertheless, electricity can still be somewhat unpredictable and needs to have protections put in place so that accidents, risks, and dangers can be avoided. Within a majority of homes and businesses, there are a variety of systems that have been put in place to further this containment and protection. The most common form, the circuit breaker, is a device that everyone should be familiar with for the safety of their building, home, or even apartment.

Putting it simply, a circuit breaker is a safety device that can protect a circuit from various problems such as an overload, short circuit, or a fault. When these problems occur, the circuit breaker is able to automatically shut off the circuit so that there is little to no damage in the wire system. This also protects the building from possible fires or electrical dangers that can be caused by these overloads in the circuit.

When a circuit shuts itself off, or “breaks”, you can locate the circuit breaker panel in your building and the affected circuit will have its switch flipped to an off position. To reset the circuit breaker, all one has to do is flip the circuit back to the on position. When a circuit breaker constantly breaks or flips, there is most likely an issue in the circuit itself. This could be a variety of reasons, including having too many appliances plugged into a single outlet, dysfunctional appliance, or a damaged breaker. When you are not confident in the reasoning, you should always seek professional assistance as to not cause harm to yourself or further damage.

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January 10, 2024

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