Common Types of Electrical Connectors

Electrical connectors are electromechanical devices used to join two or more electrical conductors to complete an electrical circuit. Most electrical connectors are gendered, meaning they feature a male component (plug) or a female component (socket) that combine to form a temporary or permanent connection. Connectors have a broad scope of uses, and therefore come in many types. This blog will cover some of the most common connector types.

Audio and Video Connectors

Audio connectors are used to connect cables and audio equipment to allow them to carry electronic signals. These are used to connect telephones, microphones, speakers, etc. Video connectors establish connections carrying analog or digital signals. They can be used at the end of cables to connect electronic devices and other devices with video input or output. Connectors of this type feature a male or female plug with shielded cables.

Board Mount Connectors

Also known as circuit board connectors, these are used to connect components to a computer board. The connectors are embedded on the board and can be customized to meet different applications.

Board to Board Connectors

Connectors of this type are used to connect printed circuit boards (PCBs). Each terminal of the connector combines with a separate PCB to create a continuous connection. These connectors are unique in that they do not require wires.

Coaxial Connectors

Coaxial connectors are a very common type of connector used to transmit radio frequency signals. They feature an insulated, conductive inner wire covered by a shielding conductor. They are designed to carry large amounts of information.

DB Connectors

Also known as D-subminiature connectors, these are used in data, computer, and audio/video applications. The name comes from the D-like shape of the connector, which houses two rows of pins.

RF and Microwave

RF and Microwave connectors join the ends of cable devices that use radio frequency or microwave spectrum. The connectors are used in wireless broadcasting or communications to transfer electromagnetic energy and RF signals. RF and microwave connectors are commonly found in transmission systems where they couple and uncouple system components.

Terminal Blocks

Terminal blocks are small, insulated blocks that connect two or more wires. They can be used to fix or terminate wires and feature multiple individual terminals. Terminal blocks are commonly used to secure wiring to the ground, or to connect switches to mains.

USB Connectors

USB connectors connect devices using USB (Universal Serial Bus) standard ports. USB is known for its high transfer speeds of 12 Mbps and its wide range of uses in computer devices, peripherals, smartphones, and other devices.

While the above mentioned are some of the most common types of connectors, there are countless others with different characteristics and uses. For connectors of all types and much more, look no further than Aerospace Aces. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we can offer access to a vast and diverse inventory of parts for the aerospace, civil aviation, defense, electronics, and IT hardware industries. Dedicated account managers are always standing by and ready to help you find all the parts and equipment you need, 24/7-365. For a quick and competitive quote, contact us today.


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