Aircraft Cabin and Flight Deck Parts

The cockpit and cabin of an aircraft are two crucial parts of a standard commercial airliner, each of which plays an important role in typical flights. The cockpit, or flight deck, is the section of the aircraft in which pilots manage all aspects of an operation. Typically, the cockpit is placed at the front-end of the fuselage. The cabin, meanwhile, is the section of the fuselage where passengers travel, often being divided into various cabin sections containing seating, entertainment systems, and much more. In order to better understand the cabin and flight deck of an aircraft, we will discuss the common parts and systems present within each.

As the flight deck is a space where pilots may control an aircraft, such areas contain numerous systems, instruments, and other components that assist in flight. Some of the most important aircraft cabin parts that aid flight control are flight instruments, those of which offer the pilot with various data points regarding flight situations such as airspeed, altitude, vertical speed, heading, and more. Such aircraft cockpit parts are crucial for maintaining safe flight operations, ensuring that pilots undertake safe speeds, turns, landings, etc.

In order to protect pilots from any potential hijacking situations, fortified flight deck doors serve to separate the cockpit from the passenger cabin. As an armored and locked door, such parts ensure that any distraction is avoided throughout the duration of a flight operation. As trainee pilots or off-duty crew members may also be present within the cockpit, flight deck jump seats may be provided. These jump seats are intended for anyone who is not operating the aircraft itself, and there will often be an oxygen mask provided for safety in the instance of cabin depressurization. Jump seats are also commonly found within the cabin of the aircraft as well, providing a space for flight attendants and crew members to rest as needed.

For the cabin of a standard passenger aircraft, pressurization is typically provided for a safe and comfortable breathing space. Cabins are often separated into multiple sections, those of which may include travel class sections, flight attendant areas, a galley, and storage. The travel class sections are usually composed of various rows and alleys, and the quality of seating and the space will typically depend upon the class of travel. Other important aircraft cabin parts present within seating are food trays, entertainment systems, armrests, and more, providing passengers with the space and amenities needed for maintaining a comfortable environment throughout the duration of a flight.

The galley of an aircraft serves as a space for food service and preparation, featuring equipment that allows for serving passengers. Jump seats are also often included in such areas, ensuring that flight attendants have a space to rest. In order to optimally serve a great number of passengers situated across the cabin, the airline service trolley system is used. The airline service trolley system consists of trolley carts that flight attendants use to transport beverages, meals, and other various items to passengers so that they do not have to move back and forth from the galley.

Beyond such common parts, other items present within the cabin and cockpit include over wing exit trainers, cabin and galley curtains, galley appliances, exit signs, cabin lighting, and much more. Aerospace Aces is a premier supplier of aviation, NSN, and electronic parts, offering customers competitive pricing on over 2 billion new, used, and obsolete items that have been sourced from thousands of top global manufacturers. Due to our unwavering dedication to quality control standards and export compliance initiatives, we proudly operate with AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B certification and accreditation. Get started today and see why customers choose to steadily rely on Aerospace Aces for all their part requirements.


January 10, 2024

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