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Tusonix Aviation Parts Catalog

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Part No RFQ
CV32A180 RFQ
538-002-D-9-35 RFQ
538-093A-5.5-18 RFQ
0518-002 RFQ
538002A2-8 RFQ
441212D16 RFQ
2404-000-X5U0-102P RFQ
581000Y5U104Z RFQ
4702-004 LF RFQ
557000E8-0-50 RFQ
0538-073-D.0-35 RFQ
0831402c0g0180j RFQ
538-091 A 2-8 RFQ
538-073-D-9-35 RFQ
538-006A2-8 RFQ
4401-020 RFQ
7608-602NLF RFQ
2425-003-X7R-102AA RFQ
138.68 RFQ
538-001-A-5.5-18 RFQ
538-011B-7-25BTRIMMER 7 RFQ
0518016A5025 RFQ
4400-033 RFQ
0818400Y5U0103M RFQ
B85121-D-B2 2499-00 RFQ
B85121-D-B2 2499-003-X5W0 RFQ
1500PF 4205-001 RFQ
847-017-Z5U-403Z RFQ
0811000C0G07519G RFQ
0518033A1.06 RFQ
2425-003-X7W0-502-AA RFQ
538-002A9-35 281-00 RFQ
582R102H09 RFQ
0538-002A 2-8PF RFQ
0811-040-X5U0-682K RFQ
538-002D-3-15 RFQ
SM-A-731237-1 RFQ
538011F15060 RFQ
2425-001X5UO152AA RFQ
4700-006 RFQ
2404-014-X5U0-102P RFQ
0869-908-U2J0-569L RFQ
2499-003X540-501M RFQ
518002A3.5-20 RFQ
0538006F15.0 RFQ
3878-023-Z5U00103Z RFQ
557-017A5-0-25 RFQ
0538-011F15.0-60 RFQ
513375-10 RFQ
463520-1 RFQ
10216-0126 REV CB RFQ
2499-726-X5U0-122Z RFQ
2425-003-X7U0102AA RFQ
2404-000-X5UO RFQ
538-054D-9.0-35 RFQ
2482-012-X5U0-101M RFQ
40040-05 RFQ
4400-034 RFQ
513-012-A-1-5 RFQ
4251-501 RFQ
M1573328-0001 RFQ
4700008 RFQ
4600-050 RFQ
4601-050 RFQ
2425003X7R0102AA RFQ
538-002F-15-60 RFQ
2450-011-X5E0-689M RFQ
3888024Y5SO RFQ
2450-011-X5R0-471M RFQ
CV31D250 RFQ
538-026B 2.5-11 RFQ
4701001 RFQ
538-002A9-35281-0092-00 RFQ
24250025000PF RFQ
4702-005 LF RFQ
0538073f15.060 RFQ
538-011C3-10 RFQ
7605-602LF RFQ
0538-011A2.0-8 RFQ
0513019A105 RFQ
4400-030 RFQ
538006A2.8 RFQ
CV31B250 RFQ
538-098-A-5.5-18 RFQ
4251-002-S RFQ
4701-40-20093-1604 RFQ
CD502X2000M RFQ
7603-602NLF RFQ
6104-D004-X7W0-142M RFQ
538-054 RFQ
538-093 D 9.0-35 RFQ
4701-001LF RFQ
M1573362-0002 RFQ
4400-091 RFQ
2461-001-X7V0-102AA LF RFQ
4600-009 RFQ
2425-018-X5U0-100K RFQ
0518A2.59 RFQ
4251-002 RFQ
4400-073 RFQ
0528002A13 RFQ
538-037A5.5-18A RFQ
1500PF 4201-001 RFQ
4400-092 RFQ
513-010A5.0-30 RFQ
0538-083F 15-60TRIM RFQ
538-011B-7-25BTrimm RFQ
7606-501NLF RFQ
557000E5030 RFQ
538-016 A 5.5-18 RFQ
4700003 RFQ
0831-403-C0J0-249C RFQ
53886-1 RFQ
0838-000-Y5F0-101K RFQ
2425-003-X7WO-502P RFQ
2425-003-X5VO-102-P RFQ
538-038 A 5.5-18PF RFQ
513-019-A-6-35 RFQ
848-040-X5U0-103M RFQ
538-091 D 9.0-35 RFQ
2432-037-YSVO-222M RFQ
538-0115.5-18A RFQ
4700-003LF RFQ
CV11D450 RFQ
2499-003-X5W0-103Z RFQ
M1573361-0010 RFQ
0538-006A 2-8PF RFQ
2404-610-X7R0-471M RFQ
538-006A5-5-18PF RFQ
2404-000-X5U0 RFQ
4401-000 RFQ
538-091-A-5.5-18 RFQ
2499-003-U2MO-101KLF RFQ
0538-006F15.0-60 RFQ
2079-12126-00 RFQ
513-016-A2.0-10 RFQ
4400-032 RFQ
0538011A208 RFQ
4400-074 RFQ
538011B2511 RFQ
538-038 A 2-8PF RFQ
0518000A525 RFQ
7602-602NLF RFQ
4700-056 RFQ
0513-011-G70-40 RFQ
4400-094LF RFQ
4400-071 RFQ
4251-004 RFQ
2079-12022-00 RFQ
6103B700C0G0 RFQ
538-00B 7-25 RFQ
2432-006-X500 RFQ
4400-000 RFQ
538-011-A-6-25 RFQ
538-073-A-2-8 RFQ
1022893 RFQ
513-000-A-7.0-40 RFQ
0838553X500 102K RFQ
0538-011B7.0-25 RFQ
4400-095 RFQ
4400-048 RFQ
4400-095LF RFQ
0538-001 RFQ
538011D9.35 RFQ
0518-000A5.0-25 RFQ
513-011-A-5-30P RFQ
0518-002-A-3.5-20 RFQ
0538-011D3.0-15 RFQ
538-002A5.5-18 RFQ
538-011-A-5.5-18 RFQ
2425-018-X5V0-101P RFQ
4600-000 LF RFQ
538011A2-8 RFQ
4700-008 TR RFQ
538-011-D-9-35 RFQ
0538011A3.010 RFQ
513-012-A5.0-30 RFQ
4700005 RFQ
2312447-1 RFQ
848003U2J0101K RFQ
538-093A RFQ
2425-734X7U0152Z RFQ
0538-037A2-8 RFQ
7603-602LF RFQ
557-19-5-25 RFQ
0518-000A3.5-20 RFQ
2499-534-X5F0-152Z RFQ
7604-551NLF RFQ
3878-546-COGO-250K RFQ
2079-12063-00 RFQ
4700-008 LF TR RFQ
538-054A2-0-8 RFQ
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