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Solitron Aviation Parts Catalog

Aerospace Aces is proud to offer a wide range of aviation and aerospace components, sourced from top manufacturers like Solitron. At our website, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, our user-friendly interface allows customers to browse by part names like , their part numbers such as 2N3469, 2N3507, 5961-01-051-8616, 000621229, SF2992-6001, or NSNs including . You can submit an Instant RFQ from this page, or contact one of our dedicated account managers to get started today.

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Part No RFQ
2N3469 RFQ
2N3507 RFQ
5961-01-051-8616 RFQ
000621229 RFQ
SF2992-6001 RFQ
2N1548 RFQ
21050810-101 RFQ
2N218 RFQ
SF4113-6113 RFQ
000560393 RFQ
SF4087-6004 RFQ
3901269B0009 RFQ
SF5097-6002 RFQ
000757008 RFQ
86SV392 RFQ
2N174 RFQ
5189684 RFQ
2N2110 RFQ
932133-1 RFQ
932146-0001 RFQ
000589086 RFQ
000034640 RFQ
SF2951-6110 RFQ
SF4123-6030 RFQ
SF4122-6020 RFQ
2N1138B RFQ
11437748 RFQ
SF4123-6026 RFQ
92032B RFQ
4501-0007 RFQ
SF2960-6695 RFQ
SF4122-6014 RFQ
3901228B0006 RFQ
SF41350001 RFQ
69SP102 RFQ
000594546 RFQ
2N1032B RFQ
SF4123-6037 RFQ
SF2970-6003 RFQ
5961-002413417 RFQ
SF4113-6087 RFQ
12BB129 RFQ
5961-00-985-9074 RFQ
000270202 RFQ
SF2713-6001 RFQ
SF2703-6178 RFQ
2N1671A RFQ
2N1522 RFQ
16007012-202 RFQ
SF6509-6001 RFQ
43A216154P2 RFQ
1113-6001 RFQ
SF4123-6029 RFQ
SF2997-6009 RFQ
000890225 RFQ
927-5 RFQ
2N1549 RFQ
932133H RFQ
5961-01-193-5721 RFQ
SF4505-6004 RFQ
11446001 RFQ
2N1365 RFQ
SF4123-6020 RFQ
5961-01-072-8581 RFQ
SF2951-6001 RFQ
SF4123-6022 RFQ
2N1544 RFQ
2N1560 RFQ
SF2960-6614 RFQ
SF4113-6115 RFQ
000525556 RFQ
2106504 RFQ
SF4113-6121 RFQ
2N2243 RFQ
SM 3046-0001 RFQ
2N3499 RFQ
2N1136A RFQ
11346001 RFQ
21050809-101 RFQ
SF2990-6025 RFQ
39012573019 RFQ
SF4122-6009 RFQ
92222-2F RFQ
M3901228-0101 RFQ
SF4113-6101 RFQ
000609523 RFQ
SF4122-6006 RFQ
SM-2996-6001 RFQ
2N1602 RFQ
5961-01-185-9479 RFQ
21060A RFQ
2N1542 RFQ
2N1595 RFQ
49956G1010251 RFQ
2N2200 RFQ
M3901280-3008 RFQ
SF4113-6088 RFQ
21050809-102 RFQ
2N2212 RFQ
001021 RFQ
SF4017-6013 RFQ
SF2960-6001 RFQ
SF4113-6083 RFQ
2N1533 RFQ
M3901269B0009 RFQ
M3901256-3025 RFQ
5961-01-049-1535 RFQ
SF4122-6002 RFQ
SF4122-6003 RFQ
SF4532-6002 RFQ
SF4122-6000 RFQ
SF2955-6321 RFQ
000821431 RFQ
4047-0002 RFQ
2N1506A RFQ
SF4123-6032 RFQ
SF2993-6005 RFQ
43A216154P2 HSE MK RFQ
2N2288 RFQ
SF4122-6017 RFQ
2N1042-2 RFQ
SF4113-6112 RFQ
SF4123-6036 RFQ
2N1547 RFQ
001005903 RFQ
4050AE RFQ
SF2994-6002 RFQ
862161-0034 RFQ
11326001 RFQ
2N1021A RFQ
2N1502 RFQ
5961-01-052-7143 RFQ
160100P3 RFQ
SF2990 RFQ
2N1536 RFQ
2N1545 RFQ
2N1168 RFQ
2n1137a RFQ
SF2994-6028 RFQ
SF41130003 RFQ
SF4113-6154 RFQ
SF4301-6004 RFQ
2N1558 RFQ
SF4113-6103 RFQ
5961-002291938 RFQ
SF2951-6012 RFQ
71AJ101 RFQ
5961-01-055-8176 RFQ
2N1262 RFQ
SF4113-6108 RFQ
2N1530 RFQ
SF4113-6130 RFQ
SF4546-6007 RFQ
000827415 RFQ
5961-01-121-6695 RFQ
SF4123-6025 RFQ
5961-01-245-6628 RFQ
3901230B0015 RFQ
M3901258-3026 RFQ
000428907 RFQ
SF2900-6069 RFQ
SF2755-6480 RFQ
4049 AF RFQ
5961-01-110-6250 RFQ
2N1523 RFQ
001005902 RFQ
SF4123-6023 RFQ
2N1557 RFQ
SF8018-6035 RFQ
925434-4B RFQ
SF2955-6217 RFQ
SF4580-6031 RFQ
8154STD8154 RFQ
SF2955-6177 RFQ
SF4122-6007 RFQ
SF4123-6033 RFQ
000918910 RFQ
SF2750-6408 RFQ
SF2994-6602 RFQ
2N3490 RFQ
4040AE RFQ
E983A2 RFQ
2N11547 RFQ
2N155 RFQ
2N10213 RFQ
5961-01-078-0362 RFQ
932126-0001 RFQ
4501-6004 RFQ
5961-01-064-2499 RFQ
5961-00-883-0849 RFQ
SF6521-6003 RFQ
11496001 RFQ
2N1362 RFQ
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