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Sofrance Aviation Parts Catalog

Aerospace Aces is proud to offer a wide range of aviation and aerospace components, sourced from top manufacturers like Sofrance. At our website, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, our user-friendly interface allows customers to browse by part names like Element Filter Hyd, Plate Blanking, Kit Seal Ptfe, Oring Ptfe, Filter Hyd High Pressure, their part numbers such as CA02490B, 01329900102519A, 03410002000NC0A, AJ0473401780CA0, AA02741A, or NSNs including . You can submit an Instant RFQ from this page, or contact one of our dedicated account managers to get started today.

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Part No RFQ
CA02490B RFQ
01329900102519A RFQ
03410002000NC0A RFQ
AJ0473401780CA0 RFQ
AA02741A RFQ
CH9130101481W00 RFQ
AJ0695701780CA0 RFQ
697100AA000PC0A RFQ
CH8066093732N00 RFQ
RA00662C RFQ
CA01959A RFQ
03410001000NC0A RFQ
AB0Z060U01269Y0 RFQ
CH0184101362C01 RFQ
DA03479A RFQ
69710000103139A RFQ
90859900101519A RFQ
01189900114159A RFQ
AA01016A RFQ
CG0329109751N00 RFQ
CH0529101392N00 RFQ
FA00631C RFQ
CH0377101482A01 RFQ
CA06039D RFQ
CH0379101391B00 RFQ
CA01131B RFQ
53943100021PC0A RFQ
AA02625A RFQ
695501AA000PC0A RFQ
AA01038B RFQ
RA00081B RFQ
034100AA000PC0A RFQ
AJ0440003000FA0 RFQ
018500AA000NF0A RFQ
CG8104013356N00 RFQ
PA02586B RFQ
AJ0440503530CA0 RFQ
CH0305101331C02 RFQ
AJ0171701780CA0 RFQ
AJ0650003000CA0 RFQ
AA01489A RFQ
AA01488A RFQ
CH0702101362C00 RFQ
CH0118101342C02 RFQ
AA00956A RFQ
698900AC000PC0A RFQ
CA02656B RFQ
AA02719A RFQ
CG0203103461C00 RFQ
AJ0695202620BA0 RFQ
AJ0234702620HA0 RFQ
AA03380A RFQ
PJ0284000000C00 RFQ
DA05145C00 RFQ
AB06002002059B0 RFQ
CH0299109751N01 RFQ
002002AA000NC9A RFQ
CA00076B RFQ
69520002000NC0A RFQ
CA03366B RFQ
53942100021GC0A RFQ
CA04346B RFQ
CA02020A RFQ
CA02990B RFQ
CA02094A RFQ
AJ0650003000BA0 RFQ
AA02624A RFQ
CH0184101331C00 RFQ
96050302000NC0A RFQ
AJ0281703530CA0 RFQ
CG0106503432N01 RFQ
CA01369A RFQ
CA01448A RFQ
RA02283B RFQ
01180000101519A RFQ
CA00200A RFQ
FA04804A RFQ
RA00921B RFQ
CA03623A RFQ
69710002000NC0A RFQ
DA03515A RFQ
AA00R02500569B0 RFQ
CG0380103391B00 RFQ
CA02612A RFQ
CE5541103482N00 RFQ
CA00075A RFQ
PJ0008000000G00 RFQ
95280000106829A RFQ
CA04134A RFQ
03410000103159A RFQ
AA01198B RFQ
AJ0376903530CA0 RFQ
CA05055B00 RFQ
53942100021PC0A RFQ
02570100000NC9A RFQ
CG0440503658N00 RFQ
RA05274A RFQ
PA00918B RFQ
CA05268A RFQ
AJ0346501780FA1 RFQ
DA00775B RFQ
CG0170103352N00 RFQ
DA03498A RFQ
PA02810A RFQ
PA02811A RFQ
AJ0151002700CA0 RFQ
CA05139B00 RFQ
AJ0298202620HA0 RFQ
DA04919A RFQ
69890000110829A RFQ
018502AA000NF0A RFQ
CH0378103392B00 RFQ
CH7744101481C00 RFQ
DA03497A RFQ
CG8106013356N00 RFQ
71190000101159A RFQ
DA02060A RFQ
AA02622A RFQ
CH9663101391B00 RFQ
CA04621A RFQ
69900002000NC0A RFQ
CH0451103432N00 RFQ
AA01015A RFQ
CH0310101391B00 RFQ
CA05004C00 RFQ
960500AA000PC0A RFQ
AJ0124201780CA0 RFQ
695500AA000PC0A RFQ
AJ0249903530CA0 RFQ
01180301000NC0A RFQ
AJ0266402620CA0 RFQ
AJ0425202620HA0 RFQ
CH0704101342C00 RFQ
AA01026A RFQ
AA02623A RFQ
JA02496A RFQ
FA01447A RFQ
CG8104013396N00 RFQ
CH0432101481W00 RFQ
FA02285B RFQ
DA03457A RFQ
CH0745101362C00 RFQ
FA01315A RFQ
DA05270A RFQ
CH0509101331C00 RFQ
AA02948A RFQ
CA00077A RFQ
JA02591A RFQ
AA00506A RFQ
01180201000NC6A RFQ
CA06027A RFQ
RA00079A RFQ
AJ0089001900CA0 RFQ
CH0512101331C00 RFQ
PA03029A RFQ
DA03516A RFQ
PA02587B RFQ
AC060U0100559C0 RFQ
69890002000NC0A RFQ
73110003-01 RFQ
JA02206A RFQ
53940000112159A RFQ
CG0752503458N02 RFQ
AJ0322003000CA0 RFQ
CA02196A RFQ
AJ1202503530CA0 RFQ
CH0439109751N01 RFQ
53940000107999A RFQ
FA03097D RFQ
CA01962B RFQ
CG0832503348N00 RFQ
699000AA000PC0A RFQ
AJ0108201780CA0 RFQ
FA03090A RFQ
AA01375A RFQ
AJ0187701780CA0 RFQ
00200000101179A RFQ
PA01040A RFQ
AJ0436903000CA0 RFQ
PJ7169000000T00 RFQ
CA04347C RFQ
CG0080503448N00 RFQ
AB06004001859A0 RFQ
PJ7171000000T00 RFQ
AJ0441701780BA0 RFQ
RA02281A RFQ
71190400010NC0A RFQ
AJ0187202620CA0 RFQ
AJ0425202620BA0 RFQ
CH9663101391B01 RFQ
CH0118101331C00 RFQ
DA04920A RFQ
8990A010001 RFQ
CA02286A RFQ
AA00955A RFQ
PJ7170000000T00 RFQ
RA00755A RFQ
FA00914D RFQ
01319900102519A RFQ
CA00080A RFQ
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