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Skyworks Aviation Parts Catalog

Aerospace Aces is proud to offer a wide range of aviation and aerospace components, sourced from top manufacturers like Skyworks. At our website, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, our user-friendly interface allows customers to browse by part names like , their part numbers such as CX80501-32, CX65001-12, CX72300-11, CX74063-36B, SMV1400-009, or NSNs including . You can submit an Instant RFQ from this page, or contact one of our dedicated account managers to get started today.

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Part No RFQ
CX80501-32 RFQ
CX65001-12 RFQ
CX72300-11 RFQ
CX74063-36B RFQ
SMV1400-009 RFQ
CX65002-12 RFQ
CX77140-13 RFQ
SMV1417-001 RFQ
CX77210-11P RFQ
CX7401718 RFQ
AS006M2-10 RFQ
SMV1705-074 RFQ
SMV1255-073 RFQ
SMV1251001 RFQ
AS-195-300 RFQ
CX80503-25 RFQ
CX6501-11 RFQ
SMV1255-079 RFQ
SMV1249003 RFQ
AK002D4-24 RFQ
SMV1270-079LF RFQ
AK002D2-24 RFQ
AS018R1-10 RFQ
AS121-12 RFQ
CX77207-11P RFQ
CX77304-17P RFQ
SMV1251-004 RFQ
CX7730313 RFQ
SMV1211-999 RFQ
SMV1204-66 RFQ
AK004M1-11 RFQ
SMV1299004 RFQ
SMV1413-004 RFQ
CX77304 RFQ
CX74017-16P RFQ
SMV1263-079LF RFQ
C0141 RFQ
CX77315 RFQ
CX74072-51 RFQ
SMV1705-004 RFQ
AS139-73 RFQ
SMV1249-079 RFQ
SMV1253-004 RFQ
CX77106-16P RFQ
AS128-73 RFQ
AK002M2-12 RFQ
AS338-12 RFQ
CX74017-15 RFQ
AS15673 RFQ
DD01-92 RFQ
CX77310-13 RFQ
CX74063-26 RFQ
DD02-999 RFQ
CX77135-14 RFQ
CX74017-17 RFQ
SMV1263-079 RFQ
SMV1251-074 RFQ
AS119-12 RFQ
SMV2022-001 RFQ
SMV1705-079LF RFQ
AS006L200 RFQ
AS002R2-12 RFQ
CX74072-11 RFQ
CX74963-31 RFQ
SMV1763-079LF RFQ
SMV1249-079LF RFQ
SMV1255-011 RFQ
AA113-310 RFQ
SMV1251-011 RFQ
SMV1281-011 RFQ
SMV2023-000 RFQ
SMV2023-011 RFQ
CX74051-11 RFQ
CX7730416 RFQ
SMV1248-001 RFQ
AS006M2B-01 RFQ
SMV1251-079 RFQ
AS373-12 RFQ
CX74002-13 RFQ
CX77105-16 RFQ
AA104-73-BLK RFQ
AS148-24 RFQ
SMV1211-001LF RFQ
SMV2019-000 RFQ
AK002M4-47 RFQ
AS12312 RFQ
CX77315-14A RFQ
CX77144-15 RFQ
AS115-61 RFQ
SMV1248-074 RFQ
CX74017-16B RFQ
CX65105-11 RFQ
CX84017-16 RFQ
AS118-12 RFQ
SMV1413-001 RFQ
SMV1249-001 RFQ
CX77105-16P RFQ
DD02-92 RFQ
AS163-73 RFQ
CX65101-11 RFQ
CX7713312P RFQ
SMV1247-074LF RFQ
AS12573 RFQ
CX74070-11 RFQ
SMV1405-074 RFQ
CX74072-12 RFQ
AA028P2-A2 RFQ
AK116-80 RFQ
AS004S2-11 RFQ
CX77313-14 RFQ
CX84200-11 RFQ
CX65003-12 RFQ
SMV1248-000 RFQ
CX65104-11 RFQ
SMV2022-000 RFQ
AS006M2-01 RFQ
CX74038-71 RFQ
CX77134-16 RFQ
SMV1249-011LF RFQ
SMV1705-079 RFQ
SMV1251-004LF RFQ
CX77131-12 RFQ
CX74059-12 RFQ
SMV1204-36 RFQ
CX74049-11 RFQ
SMV2023-004 RFQ
CX77306-12 RFQ
CX77110-20 RFQ
CX74038-12 RFQ
CX7730211 RFQ
CX77211-21 RFQ
CX74063-36 RFQ
CX80502-33 RFQ
SMV1249-011 RFQ
CX8050131B RFQ
CX74059-51 RFQ
AA26787 RFQ
AK106-84 RFQ
SMV1255-004LF RFQ
SMV1405-079LF RFQ
SMV1414-004 RFQ
CX74050-11 RFQ
CX77112-13 RFQ
AS006M1S-10 RFQ
AS16086 RFQ
DD05-999 RFQ
CX80502-34 RFQ
CX77301-13 RFQ
CX77304-16P RFQ
AS153-12 RFQ
CX77315-14 RFQ
CX24943-16 RFQ
CX80501-25 RFQ
AS104-59 RFQ
SMV1763-079 RFQ
DD02-999LF RFQ
CX77107-14P RFQ
AS018M2-10 RFQ
CX74063-35P RFQ
CX80502-36 RFQ
SMV1253-079LF RFQ
CX77312-15 RFQ
SMV1247-074 RFQ
SMV1299-004LF RFQ
CX77314-14 RFQ
CX74063-34 RFQ
CX74017-16 RFQ
AS406M2-10 RFQ
CX74061-12 RFQ
SMV2022-004 RFQ
SMV1247079 RFQ
CX77212-1253D91 RFQ
CX77313-15 RFQ
CX74063-35 RFQ
SMV1255-001LF RFQ
SMV1247-011 RFQ
AS131-59 RFQ
AS349-12 RFQ
CX65102-11 RFQ
CX77211-14 RFQ
CX77301-13P RFQ
SMV1247-079LF RFQ
CX74072-11P RFQ
SMV1299-001 RFQ
CX77313-12 RFQ
CX80501-31 RFQ
SMV1248-079LF RFQ
AW002R212 RFQ
SMV1269074 RFQ
AS164-80 RFQ
CX77306-11P RFQ
CX77106-14P RFQ
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